What Is Washi Tape And Why Is It So Helpful For Arts And Crafts?

Washi tape is a fabulous multi-purpose addition to your crafting supplies. It comes from the Japanese words for ‘Japanese paper’. Washi tape is, simply put, a type of decorative masking tape that can make your project stand out. Let’s take a quick look at why washi tape is so effective and helpful.

Why Use Washi Tape

If you are into arts and crafts, washi tape is something that you want to have in your kit. The versatility of washi tape far outreaches regular old masking tape. Its durability is astounding. It’s easy to work with, even for kids. No need for scissors, either, as washi tape tears easily by hand. Also, it’s waterproof. Consider it the perfect arts and crafts tape! Washi tape can be peeled off any surface and reused.

What Can You Do With Washi Tape?

Scrapbooking is extremely popular today. Making your pages vibrant and different is a great use for washi tape. The bright colors and endless designs on arts and crafts washi tape mean there are types out there for every season and reason. Do you do any journaling – this can help there, too. Washi tape brings a whole new level of interest to any page and can, of course, be repositioned many times to your satisfaction.

Got Kids – You Need Washi Tape

Kids and arts and crafts. It’s a wonderful mix and a great way to bring out personalities and imagination.

Washi tape can be used not only to embellish a child’s artwork but can also be used to ‘frame’ the artwork that can be placed on the wall. Remember, washi tape can be repositioned and therefore it will not peel the paint from the wall. Any painting will always have a clean edge and washi tape can be easily removed without tearing into the artwork, either.

This will save a lot of tears of disappointment if a fresh painting rips when removing masking tape.

Decorating Ideas For Washi Tape

Packing a gift for a friend and need some inspiration – you can look to decorative washi tape to fulfill this need.

Sometimes craft paper is a great alternative to flimsy gift wrapping as well and you can dress it up with pretty design customization by applying washi tape.

Decorating a plain envelope in washi tape can also be a very easy way to turn something plain into something extraordinary.

With an enormous variety of washi tape to choose from, there are no boundaries to its uses. Washi tape, arts and crafts, and so much more can be found at ShopperPlus.ca. Get yours now. Even the most inexperienced crater or artist can put washi tape to good use. Only your imagination is the limitation to its uses.

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