Why Every Artist Should Use An Art Easel When Painting

Artists use a lot of tools. An art easel is essential for an artist of any age. There are several different types of art easels. These range from A-frame (or lyres) to H-frame, hybrids and convertibles; plein-air (or portable), and much more.

The type of art easel that’s appropriate for you will depend on what you are going to use it for.

Do I Need An Art Easel?

To put it mildly, most do. So yes. An artist’s easel has a few major advantages when it comes to art and painting. You won’t have the need to look up from your work like you would if you were painting on a flat surface.

Most artists will also want to view the work in progress as it will be displayed. Lastly, perspectives change when painting on a flat surface as opposed to an upright position.

Ease Of Movement

If you are painting in an art studio, you will want to have ease of movement to work on your painting. An easel makes this possible.

You can move the easel out of the way while you work on other projects. A plein air easel, for example, can allow you the ability to go outside to have a fresh perspective of your subject. Stepping back and reviewing your work can easily be accommodated with an easel as well.

Reduction Of Clutter And The Oops Factor

When working on an art easel in a studio or in your home, you can reduce the risk of tipping paint over onto the work. Coffee can’t dribble onto it. You can also eliminate the dust layer that occurs when you leave the work for a few days.

There is nothing worse than the shrieking sounds of disappointment when an almost-completed work gets covered in medium that you didn’t want there in the first place. When you have an art easel, you can avoid such things.


Working on an easel will also help relieve the strain that can be experienced when painting or drawing.

Having your easel set correctly so that your eyes are focused where you want the audience to look, this is quite important. You can stand or be seated. The perspective of your subject will consistently be true.

An art easel can make it easier for you to accomplish the finished work as you envisioned it to look. Easels are a very large part of all artists’ workshops and studios. Visit ShopperPlus.ca today to see a number of art easels and artist accessories. Buying an easel will not only give you the freedom to work but a better perspective on the outcome of the work. Get yours now.

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