A Guide on Bedding

We all know the different items that make up our bed linens. But when you walk into a store, there is always a massive display. Where do you start in finding the right bedding for you?

What Are The Components To Bed Linens

When you have to buy bedding online or in-store, have a quick think on some of these.

  • “What do you need to make your bed a comfortable and inviting place to be?”
  • “What’s the difference between a duvet and a comforter to me?”
  • “Do I use fitted sheets or flat sheets?”
  • “What pillows should I buy?”
  • “Do I really need a bed skirt?”

Questions that you ask yourself first will help you make the best choice in bedding for your décor and

Pillows, Pillows Everywhere

Decorative, Euro, Sleeping, Bolster, what do they mean?

  • Decorative pillows dress up your bed as an accent to your existing décor theme.
  • Euro are square pillows. While decorative, their function is to act as a buffer to the headboard. Great to use if you have a metal headboard.
  • Sleeping pillows are what we all know. You lay your head on this type of pillow to sleep. Even within the sleeping pillow range though, there are many types and subcategories of pillows, from natural fill to poly blend, synthetic, feather, and memory foam.
  • Lastly, bolster pillows are designed to give you support but are mainly for decoration.


When it comes to keeping warm and maintaining temperature in bed, you have lots of trendy amazing bedding items.

Throw blankets are a way to add design and extra warmth when you need it. Smaller than your average blanket, a throw can keep your shoulders warm when reading. A duvet can be necessary if you are in colder climates. Requiring a cover, these give you great warmth using down. A third option and an alternative is a comforter. While duvets can be quite thick though light, a comforter is made generally from cotton or cotton blends and come in a wide variety of styles and color patterns. They are lighter in weight that duvets.

Bedding Sheets

Fitted sheets are great to keep a bed tidy as they surround the mattress at the corners and stay tight to the bed. You can accomplish the same with flat sheets, technically. It just takes a little more time to create the fitted look. Just like with pillows, sheets are available in a multitude of designs, fabrics, and colors.

Most bedding setups comprise of sheets, pillowcases, and a blanket or comforter, but your style will determine what you put on your bed. There is no need to have everything, after all. There are also lots of ways to accessorize the above with bed skirts, bedspread, and décor pillows. Shop high-quality bedding and buy online from ShopperPlus.ca.

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