Do Cooling Pillows Really Work?

Sleeping, for some, is a night of tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable. Perhaps it isn’t the position you’re sleeping in but the heat that is around you. Cooling pillows and cooling bedding material can certainly aid to gain a good night’s rest. There are several different variations of cooling pillows, and you can pick and choose what suits your individual needs.

Does Temperature Matter?

Whether you live in a warm climate or a cooler one, having comfort while sleeping is important. Having a cool room, for a lot of people, is vital to falling and staying asleep.

Ideal temperatures for sleeping are between 60 & 70° Fahrenheit (15 to 21° Celsius) but maintaining a room of this temperature can be tricky. A cooling pillow could be the answer you are looking for. Keeping the temperature lower surrounding the neck, shoulder and head area can assist in a more restful sleep.

What About The Rest Of Me?

Your head is cooled by absorbing the heat from your head and neck and dispersing the heat along the cooling layers of the pillow. This cools not only your head but your body. It sends a temperature signal to your brain.

Not only does this help to cool the rest of you for the night, but you will also feel fresher and not have those hot sleepless nights, anymore.

How Does It Work?

Most cooling pillows are constructed with a gel layer that is engineered to stay cool. Not all cooling pillows are gel though. Some are filled with buckwheat hulls that can induce airflow, therefore, maintaining that cooling feeling.

Then, there are others that are thermo-regulated. Water is continually circulated throughout the pillow, something which the user controls using an app, and it’s that which maintains a perfect sleeping temperature.

Will A Cooling Pillow Work For Me?

As evidenced, there is a multitude of types when it comes to what makes the cooling pillows work. Depending on your budget and preference, there’s a cooling pillow out there for everyone and the good news is that, yes, cooling pillows work.

Do They Stay Cool All Night?

There are some types of cooling pillows that will stay cool all night though not all are built this way. Some of the cheaper cooling pillows are hit and miss in terms of how long they stay cool. If purchasing a cooling pillow online, do check the reviews first.

Comfort is key when sleeping. No one wants to wake due to heat. A cooling pillow may just be the easiest way to calm temperatures in bed. For those that have trouble falling asleep due to heat, a cooling pillow will have you falling asleep faster and sleeping deeper. Get yours at

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