How Do You Make A Bed?

We all like spending a few extra moments curled up in bed and snuggled against the covers. Leaving behind a messy bed though can make your room look like a whirlwind went through it. There is something to be said for learning how to make a bed.

What Do I Need?

There are a few things you are going to need to make a bed. At the very least, a set of sheets, pillowcases, and a blanket for warmth. To this, you can add a mattress topper and some bed décor should you wish. So, once you have these things, the question’s how do we go about making a bed?

The Basics

A mattress topper will help your mattress to stay fresh and clean, this should be first. Then, your fitted sheet can slip over top and under the corners of the mattress. Next, you will place your flat sheet onto the bed so that the sides that fall will be equal.

If you are using sheets with a design, you will want the design to face the mattress. This way when you are in the finish stage, you will see the design. You can either tuck in the top sheet or leave it loose.

Adding Warmth

Your blanket or duvet will be the next item onto the bed. Since these items are larger than the dimension of the bed, there will be overhang. Align the top of the blanket with the top sheet then fold back about 12 inches from the head of the bed. This will leave room for your pillows.

You can place pillows into pillowcases that match your sheets. Placement of pillows is your personal preference as well. They can be flat to the bed or lined up against the headboard. It’s ultimately up to you.

Finishing Touches

Decorative items can then be added last, should you desire. Perhaps a throw blanket that can be used for extra warmth. This could be draped on the bed or folded neatly towards the footboard for a decorative touch.

A variety of satin pillows can also finish off the look. No matter how you make your bed, remember, having the bed made will make the room look great.

Just as a final note, no matter when you change your sheets, be sure to take the mattress topper and free it from any unwanted items such as hair or the odd sock that may get trapped there over time. No need to wash the topper each time. A good shake should suffice to clear debris. An additional set of sheets will be useful while waiting for everything to be laundered.

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